We offer telephony solutions
for all industries

Dynamic Interactive is seeking 50 small to medium sized companies to take part in a limited time beta tester program.

During this time you will be able to take advantage of our lead generating, sales, marketing, and call center software for free for a short period of time. Grow your business for free and take part in innovative new technology for the modern sales floor.

Who we work with
  • Small businesses
  • Sole proprietors
  • Medium sized companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • MLM organizations
  • Independent Sales Reps
  • Resellers and VARs
  • Sales Leaders & Influencers

How Dynamic Services Can Help You

Inbound Call Tracking is easy to set up with Dynamic

Free Predictive Dialing - We are looking for beta testers

Apply Now!

1. Which of the following statements best describe you?

I am a sole proprietor
I am an independent sales rep for a larger company
I own a small business (less then 10 employees)
I own a small business (10 - 100 employees)
I own a business (100+ employees)
I am a sales manager
I am a sales rep at a company
I work in the marketing department at a company
I manage a sales call center
I manage a customer service call center
I am a senior exec at a company
I am a start up entrepreneur
I am a outside sales rep at a company

2. Which features would you like in your dream "must have" sales floor app?

Predictive Dialing
Power Dialing (1 call at a time)
Outbound call tracking
Inbound call tracking
Call Recording
Monitor live agent calls
Repalce my phone system with the cloud
CRM integration
Voice broadcasting
Voice Mail
SMS broadcasting
Conference calling
Work from home agents
Call distribution
Lead distribution
Telemarketing lists
Auto attendant
Live call reports
Commission Tracking
Email/SMS alerts